Acapulco City

Acapulco is a port city that is located in the state of Guerrero on the Pacific coast of Mexico. It covers an area of seven hundred and twenty-six square mils and is almost two hundred miles southwest of Mexico City. The population of the urban part of the city is around six hundred thousand residents, while the population of the administrative area exceeds seven hundred thousand resident. Acapulco is a tourist resort based city whose name is derived from the Nahuatl language and means “the place of big reeds”.

Acapulco can trace its history back to the sixteenth century, when the area was discovered by Francisco Chico in December of 1521. Two years later, Juan Rodríguez Villafuerte built a shipyard for Spain in Zihuatanejo. Then after he produced several ships sailed to Acapulco and took possession of it for Spain. By 1532, Acapulco was a direct dependency of Spain and was granted the name Ciudad de los Reyes, or ‘City of Kings’. Five years later, Carlos V upgraded the status of the port to historical city. The city then became a thriving trade port for Spain. In 1615, the Dutch invaded the city, but was driven back and the fort located there was rebuilt. This fort was call Fort San Diego and it would be destroyed again by an earthquake in 1776. It was rebuilt again by 1783.

During the 1930s, Carlos Barnard began building the Hotel El Mirador. This hotel was located on the cliffs of La Quebrada and had only twelve rooms. Carlos Barnard would go on to construct the La Perla restaurant in 1949. Today, the city is a major tourist attraction and is popular among Americans taking weekend cruises from the U.S. It now competes toe to toe with Cancun as a resort city. In fact, Alcapulco has made signifigant gains in attracting younger crowds during Spring Break. Alcapulco is known around the world for its beaches, but it also contains a beautiful island that is popular among fishermen called Roqueta Island. Over the last few years, signifigant investment has been made in the city with the construction of fine hotels, timeshares and resorts. Over the past two decades one billion U.S dollars have been invested in the city’s infrastructure.

Popular attractions in the city of Alcapulco include the Acapulco Historical Museum, Capilla de la Paz, La Quebrada, Paradise Restaurant Terraza Bar and Beach Club, Tres Vidas, Laguna de Tres Palos, El Fuerte de San Diego, Alebrijes, CiCi Acapulco Magico, The Palladium, Disco Beach, Palma Sola, Barra Vieja Beach, Playa Condesa Beach, Mandara, Punta Diamante, Mercado de Artesanias, Zocalo, Acapulco Botanical Garden, Hornos Beach, Playa Caletilla, Casa de la Mascara, Mercado Municipal, Casa de la Cultura, Yate Bonanza, Naval History Museum, Laguna de Coyuca, Magico Mundo Marino, La Catedral, Centro Cultural de Acapulco, Simulador Bahia, Playa Icacos, Playa Tamarindos, Centro Internacional de Convenciones Acapulco, Delfines Paradise, Yate Fiesta, Playa Revolcadero, Parque Papagayo, Playas Caleta y Caletilla, Bahia de Puerto Marques, El Fuerte Del Virrey, Old Acapulco, Amazing World, Castillo el Rey Leon, Club de Yates, Yate Dinka, Sinfonia, Galeria Abraham Ramirez, Galeria Las Brisas, Blue Water Sportfishing and Pepe’s Piano Bar.